Bruce Hanks Wiggins

Executive Producer

Andrea Wiggins

Sales Director

Bruce and Andrea met at as students at the University of Arizona in 1999. Together since their first date, Andrea graduated with a degree in public health, as Bruce pursued a career in the NFL (49ers, Seahawks, Saints). The couple moved back to Bruce’s hometown of Houston, TX in 2002 and wed in 2004.

A lifelong musician, Bruce then founded The Drywater Band as the lead guitarist, and Andrea joined as the band’s full-time booking rep. in 2008. Over the next 10 years, Bruce and Andrea would book, produce and manage Drywater Band performances for over 1,500 private events.

In 2018 Bruce and Andrea purchased their 6,800 sq. ft. home studio property on Avondale in the Montrose area from the well-known and now deceased Houston photographer Evan Thayer.

In July of 2022, after 18 years in business, Bruce and Andrea launched Avondale Entertainment LLC. Building on the Drywater Band’s success, Avondale Entertainment’s most recent developments include a Nashville office, the AV/E Booking App, Jayo Soul, AguaSeca, Drywater Texas and the Bruce Hanks Wiggins Podcast.