Before we identify WHO is the best Latin Wedding Band in Texas, let’s define WHAT makes a great Latin wedding band.


Good bands are everywhere. But hosting a celebration with a GREAT band will require higher standards. Have the vocalists performed on national stages? Are the performers also touring recording musicians? Where did the musicians go to school? Have the musicians earned grammy awards? Check out AguaSeca for an example of high level, credentialed talent.


You wouldn’t let the venue choose your food. And you’d probably never allow your planner to choose your dress. So why let the band choose all your songs? Many groups don’t allow set list customization because 1) they either have a limited repertoire or 2) they want to save time. Consider a band like AguaSeca who has a large song list AND the ability to customize.


You may have read horror stories about fly-by-night entertainment companies either cancelling on the day of or providing sub-par bands far inferior to their promo materials. There is very little barrier to entry with band start-ups, so checking client feedback is a must. Check out our accolades and founders to learn more about Avondale Entertainment and our bands.


When it comes to Wedding Band Production, cleanliness is next to godliness. Whether you prefer dance floor lighting with truss towers, video totems, or a more minimalistic look; a clean and organized production devoid of messy cables and music stands is a must.


Weddings are typically formal events, so black suit w/ black tie is considered standard attire. Specialty items like sequined jackets and tasseled dresses can add more variety. Themed attire like Ralph Lauren wardrobe or Western Chic are a tasteful change of pace.

Sugar Skulls

Do you just want a “live band” OR a unique musical experience that will help create the kind of special memories that last a lifetime? Make-up is another element that can help set a band apart from the rest. And we love themed looks like “Sugar Skulls” on Día de los Muertos.


We believe the best way to learn about a band is to see them in person. And that’s why AguaSeca maintains a private concert schedule.